Why Naot?

Each Naot Shoe is handmade with the finest and highest quality raw materials combined with superior standards of advanced design.  Our footwear comes in a magnificent array of eye-catching colors to satisfy every taste.  Come in close so we can whisper the secret behind the unparalleled comfort of Naot Footwear.  THE FOOTBEDS!!  Our uniquely engineered insoles are a blend of natural latex and cork that are designed to replicate the shape of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking in the sand.  We invite you to delve into our extensive collection of comfortable and fashionable footwear.  Your feet work too hard – allow them to soak for a while in the soothing comfort of your favorite pair of Naots.

Where is Naot made?

Naot is manufactured at Kibbutz Naot Mordechai in Northern Israel.

How do I pronounce Naot?

In the U.S. we pronounce Naot as Nay-Oat.

How can I purchase Naot Footwear?

You can purchase Naot Footwear by visiting a local Authorized Naot Retailer.  If you need help finding a local Authorized Naot Retailer please call our Naot Hotline at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872).

How do I know what size Naot Footwear I need to order?

Here are the Naot Footwear size conversions:
35(4-4.5), 36(5-5.5), 37(6-6.5), 38(7-7.5), 39(8-8.5), 40(9-9.5), 41(10-10.5), 42(11-11.5), 43(12-12.5), 44(13-13.5)

40(7-7.5), 41(8-8.5), 42(9-9.5), 43(10-10.5), 44(11-11.5), 45(12-12.5), 46(13-13.5), 47(14-14.5), 48(15-15.5), 49(16-16.5)

Should I waterproof or protect my Naot Footwear?

All Naot Footwear leather, suede and nubuck materials are treated in the tanning process for stain and water protection.  This is not a permeate process and it is recommended that you treat your new footwear with a non-silicone based water and stain protector spray such as Naot Weather Resist.  Please test on an area that is not as visible before you spray the entire item.

What do I do if my leather gets scuffed?

Even in a perfect world leather shoes  will sometimes get scuffed in the normal wearing process.  If this does happen we recommend using a quality product that will enhance and bring back the natural color of the leather such as Naot Leather Restore.  Remember to test on a small area that is not as visible before you polish the entire shoe.

What is the benefit of Naot's Removable Footbed?

The idea of a removable footbed is that you can either remove the footbed and insert a custom orthotic or you can eventually replace the current footbed with a new Naot Footbed when it starts to wear out extending the life of your footwear.

How can I purchase a new Naot Footbed?

You can purchase Replacement Footbeds by visiting a local Authorized Naot Retailer.  If you need help finding a local Authorized Naot Retailer please call our Naot Hotline at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872).

How do I know what replacement Naot Footbed I need to purchase for my footwear?

To determine what Footbed your Naot Footwear requires we will need to know what style you have or what collection your footwear is in.  You can use our Footbed Guide by using the following link.  Just match your outer sole up with the images shown.  Click each image for more information.

For the Naot Footbed Guide click here: http://naot.com/Department/1018#page=1

If you need help figuring this out please call our Naot Hotline at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872) & we will be more than happy to help you out!

How can I clean my Naot Footbed?

To clean the suede on the cork footbed we recommend using a Naot Suede Brush or a light grade sandpaper to lightly sand down the footbed.  If your footbed has stains aside from the dark color that comes from the natural oils in your foot you can use a very lightly damp sponge but do not get the footbed soaked because it may ruin the footbed.  If the footbeds do get wet, do not dry them in direct heat because it could cause the cork to crumble.  Please try these methods on a small portion of the footbed before you clean the entire footbed.

How can I return my Naot Footwear?

We are just the wholesale distributor of Naot Footwear in the United States and cannot accept returns/exchanges directly.  All returns/exchanges need to be done through the retail store that the shoes were purchased from.  If you feel that there is a manufacturer's defect on your Naot Footwear please contact the retail store that you purchased the shoes from to discuss a possible return/exchange.

My Naots smell, what can I do?

Foot odor is a common nuisance especially in the hot summer weather when your feet sweat.  We recommend treating your footwear with Naot Sandal Renew as needed for fast acting relief.

How can I get my Naot Footwear repaired or resoled?

We do not do repairs here at Yaleet but you can view a list of Authorized Naot Repair Facilities by clicking the Repair Facilities link on this website.  Any of these facilities can help provide you with more information on repairing your Naot Footwear.

What do I do if an ornament or rhinestone falls off of my Naot Footwear?

Don't worry!  We have all different replacement ornaments in our warehouse available to send out to you.  Just give us a call at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872) and we will help you out!

What do I do if my Naot Footwear is squeaking?

Squeaky soles usually happen due to one of the following reasons, either air is getting caught underneath the removable footbed or there is an air bubble in the sole.  
If your shoe has a removable footbed please try removing the footbed & walking around a bit to see if the sole still squeaks without the footbed in.  If the sole still squeaks it could be an air bubble in the sole & you should contact the retail store that you purchased the shoes from.  If the squeaking stops when you remove the footbed then it is probably just air getting caught underneath the footbed.  In this case we recommend a few home remedies.  You should remove the footbed and put powder, Vaseline (only a small amount or it could get messy) or a thick paper cutout (i.e. paper bag) underneath the footbed, place the footbed back in the shoe and the air should be blocked & the squeaking should stop.
If your shoe does not have a removable footbed then the issue could be an air bubble in the sole & you should contact the retail store that you purchased the shoes from.

What do I do if my new Naot Footwear is making my feet orange?

The orange color on your feet is simply caused from the non-toxic dye in the suede that covers Naot's cork/latex footbed.  The orange comes off more when the foot sweats, especially in the hot summer months.  You can treat the footbed with a non-silicone based water resistant spray which will help keep the color from getting on your foot.

If I am allergic to Latex can I wear Naot Footwear?

All Naot Footbeds are made from a blend of cork & latex.  Although the footbeds are covered in suede it is not recommended that you wear Naot Footwear if you have an allergy to latex as it cannot be confirmed which pieces have come in contact with the latex during production.

What does Naot mean?

Naot translates to mean Oasis - isn't that appropriate!

Who is Yaleet Inc?

As the United States Distributor of Naot Footwear since 1989, we at Yaleet Inc. have upheld an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place, one “step” at a time.  As part of this commitment we donate hundreds of shoes each week to people in need.  At the same time, our unfailing dedication to integrity makes quality customer service our top priority.  We are passionate about bringing you products that allow you to walk in both style and comfort, which is why we are proud to bring you Naot Footwear.

Does Naot Footwear have different widths?

Naot Footwear does not offer width options but we do have collections that fit narrower or wider than others.  Give us a call at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872), we will help you figure out what Naot Collections will work best for your feet!

Does Naot Footwear offer 1/2 sizes?

The Naot Prima Bella Collection is the only collection that is currently available in 1/2 sizes.  If you are a half size we recommend visiting a local Authorized Naot Retailer so you can try on the different sizes to see what size fits your foot best.  If you need help finding a retailer just give us a call at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872).

Does Naot offer women's styles in a European size 43 or 44? How about men's styles in a European 48 or 49?

YES!  We have a whole list of Naot styles that are offered in those hard to find sizes.  Give us a call at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872) and we will tell you all about them!

Women's Larger Sizes

Men's larger Sizes

Why can't I see local Authorized Naot Retail Locations on your website?

Yaleet has a friendly & knowledgeable Customer Service Department that is here to help you find Naot Retail locations with a smile!  This personal experience gives us the opportunity to discuss your individual footwear needs & direct you to a retailer that will best suit you!  If you need help finding a local Authorized Naot Retailer please call our Naot Hotline at 1-800-NAOT-USA (1-800-626-8872).